Beautiful Sounds

Teresa Poucher   I love to hear the birds sing.  I get up early before sunrise, sit outside, and listen to the birds.  I find it a wonderful way to start the day — a cup of coffee, the Word of God, and the birds.  It’s peaceful; I feel thankful and happy.     Science will tell us the birds are searching for a mate or tryingContinue reading “Beautiful Sounds”

Change of Speed

Teresa Poucher LPs, reel-to-reel, 8-track, cassette tape, CDs, and now we have digital downloads and streaming. Even CDs have just about fizzled out.  ‘Seems like technology is traveling at the speed of light.   Many folks want to purchase the newest and fastest iPhone available. The first iPhone processor speed was 412 Mhz. Presently, the latest iPhone can run at 5Ghz.Continue reading “Change of Speed”

I Will Never Leave Thee

Teresa Poucher   About three months ago, God spoke scripture to me.  All was going well; the prayers, praise, and devotions were flowing.  It seemed out of context.  During uncertainty, things were still going pretty good.   He had spoken the very same words over 30 years ago.  It proved to be a very trying time for several years.    “Be not far fromContinue reading “I Will Never Leave Thee”

I Don’t Know

Teresa Poucher Everyone knows someone who thinks they know everything, especially about what other people should do. ‘Truth is, no one knows everything about anyone.   My husband is 62.  Should he start taking social security?  Do you feel secure with the economy or your job?  Do you wonder if you should downsize, sell the house, and buy a smaller one?  What should I doContinue reading “I Don’t Know”

Only Believe

Teresa Poucher If you didn’t love God, you wouldn’t be reading this.  I am ashamed to say; sometimes I have a hard time believing.  In another six months, I’ll be like the lame man waiting 38 years for his healing.  No, I’m not lame, but like many of you, I’m weary, waiting on a promise from God.  I know God can; I know He is able.  So why do I have a hardContinue reading “Only Believe”