Waiting on your Lazarus Miracle

Teresa Poucher You have heard a word from God or received a promise.  How long has it been?  A couple of weeks, perhaps months?  A few years, possibly decades?       Okay, I  know you have prayed, or you wouldn’t have heard from God.  It’s only been a few weeks, and I know you have praised and thanked Him. The years are passing, and I’mContinue reading “Waiting on your Lazarus Miracle”

Wounded Warriors

Teresa Poucher  The valley of dry bones — talk about an adventure!  So in the valley lay a multitude of very dry bones.  They are scattered abroad.  Was the whole army destroyed?  How many survived?  I wonder why this exceedingly great army wasn’t buried?  In ancient times, the burial of the dead was considered very important.      When we are born again, we become soldiers of the cross.  WeContinue reading “Wounded Warriors”

I’ve Seen too Much

Teresa Poucher   It’s all over the TV and the internet:  Gay Pride Month and “so-called” religious folks cursing, saying they deserve to go to hell.      I recall Sodom and Gomorrah in the book of Genesis.  I want to point out that Abraham had just heard from the angel that he would soon have his long-awaited, promised son.  He must have been super-excited.       Then the Lord told Abraham about Sodom’s imminent destruction.  He didn’t say, “Good, I don’t want myContinue reading “I’ve Seen too Much”

Mission Impossible

  I remember watching mission impossible when I was a child.  Do you recall the intro to the show? Wasn’t it catchy?    The special agent was given a tape recording of the mission and an opportunity to accept the assignment.  It was always dangerous and improbable.  However, they had great resources if they accepted the mission.  Then the tape would self-destruct. https://youtu.be/4y9NtHlJvbY     Today, many missions are beforeContinue reading “Mission Impossible”

A Door of Hope

Teresa Poucher  Who couldn’t use a door of hope right now?  We have hopes things will get better.  Spiritually, we know God will pour out of His Spirit in the last days.  The former and the latter rain together.   What has to happen first?  If we would read Hosea chapter 2, it will give us a good idea.   “…and she went after her lovers, and forgat me,Continue reading “A Door of Hope”

False Alarm

Teresa Poucher  Some 38 years ago, my husband and I and our children went to the DMV in Baton Rouge. My boys had to be around 2 and 4 years old.  I don’t know if they had computers then, so the lines were slow-moving and crazy long.  My husband got in line while I corralled my children in the lobby.  While I was managing them,the oldest pulled the fire alarm.  Oh my!  IContinue reading “False Alarm”