Why am I In The Valley Again?

Teresa Poucher Every life is filled with mountains, valleys, wilderness, and plains. A valley is a place between two mountains or hills, which makes it a depression. Remember, it was in the valley, in the brook in the lowest part of the valley, that David found the smooth stones to slay Goliath. When you are in the valley, look around and ask the Lord, “What am I supposed to pick up whileContinue reading “Why am I In The Valley Again?”

Is All That Crying Necessary?

By Teresa Poucher There are three different types of tears. Emotional tears are made in response to joy, sadness, or other intense emotions. Basal tears are produced to keep the cornea lubricated. Reflex tears are caused by chemical irritants in onions, tear gas, and so on. The chemical structure of each of these tears isContinue reading “Is All That Crying Necessary?”