It’s Time to Make an Omelet

Teresa Poucher My goodness, who doesn’t like omelets?  Someone allergic to eggs.  They are one of the healthiest breakfast foods we can enjoy, especially if loaded with vegetables. With a couple of hundred recipes to choose from, let’s break the yoke.     Sometimes we have a different type of yoke.  Webster’s dictionary defines a yoke as a mark ofContinue reading “It’s Time to Make an Omelet”


Teresa Poucher Did you get sung to sleep?  Chances are if you did, you also sang your little ones to sleep as well.  These songs evolved, depending on when and where you lived.  Parents have sung lullabies dating back 4000 years.  Many seemed to contain shaky undertones as well as hopes and dreams for better days.  It didn’t matter whether your voice was beautiful orContinue reading “Lullaby”

Have You Ever Prayed For Patience?

Teresa Poucher How did that work for you?  Did you catch every red light?  Did the shortest line at the grocery store end up in a glitch?  I don’t want to pray for patience; I will try to grow in it. Thank you!     Years ago, I overheard someone pray, “God, I want to trust you.”  Did they realizeContinue reading “Have You Ever Prayed For Patience?”