Get out of your Cave

Teresa Poucher If you’ve ever read the book Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus,* you understand about men becoming cave-dwellers at times. We ladies would rather talk about a problem to a friend; however, a man tends to retreat, much like Elijah.     In I Kings, chapter 18, we find Elijah on a mountain top experience.  HeContinue reading “Get out of your Cave”

Can I Get A Witness?

Teresa Poucher Whenever there’s a crime, the police look for witnesses. They want everyone’s testimony. Detectives will interview each witness individually. Everyone saw the same incident, but each person has a different take. Someone in the medical field would focus on injuries. Someone else would describe the assailant’s weapon. Another witness might try to explainContinue reading “Can I Get A Witness?”

Beautiful Sounds

Teresa Poucher   I love to hear the birds sing.  I get up early before sunrise, sit outside, and listen to the birds.  I find it a wonderful way to start the day — a cup of coffee, the Word of God, and the birds.  It’s peaceful; I feel thankful and happy.     Science will tell us the birds are searching for a mate or tryingContinue reading “Beautiful Sounds”

Change of Speed

Teresa Poucher LPs, reel-to-reel, 8-track, cassette tape, CDs, and now we have digital downloads and streaming. Even CDs have just about fizzled out.  ‘Seems like technology is traveling at the speed of light.   Many folks want to purchase the newest and fastest iPhone available. The first iPhone processor speed was 412 Mhz. Presently, the latest iPhone can run at 5Ghz.Continue reading “Change of Speed”