More Than You Bargained For

Teresa Poucher       Don’t you love it when you get more than you bargained for?  It seems we are often looking to buy something, and it ends up costing more.  You buy a car — you mean it doesn’t have floor mats?  I like it when they fill it up with gas and give you free oil changes.  Maybe you went on aContinue reading “More Than You Bargained For”

Multitudes, Multitudes

Teresa Poucher   Immigrants are coming into the United States by the millions.  My mother was an immigrant; she came from Germany.  She was born in 1935, so she has memories that could give us nightmares.  Yes, she remembers Hitler, and she overheard Nazis telling Jews to go to the train stations where they would take them to a better place.     I’m thankful forContinue reading “Multitudes, Multitudes”

Hope for the Hopeless

Teresa Poucher   If one has been in church for even a year, you will hear “faith, hope, and charity.”  You’ve heard it preached many times: God is love!  There are many what we call faith preachers.  When was the last time you heard someone preach on hope?     “And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of theseContinue reading “Hope for the Hopeless”

Go ahead and Invest

Teresa Poucher   I have arrived; I am officially a senior.  Like most people at this age, I’ve begun taking inventory of my life.  What have I accomplished?  It doesn’t bother me that I’ve never had a high-paying job, maybe because I didn’t have a higher education.  Sometimes, what the world calls success is vanity.  King Solomon speaks of this in the first chapter of Ecclesiastes.   I’m thinking about a familiar passageContinue reading “Go ahead and Invest”

The Power of the Seed

Teresa Poucher  The average person doesn’t think much of seeds.  Nonetheless, they are vital to our existence.  Bill Gates is the largest farmland owner in the United States, possessing 269,000 acres.  Think about it…  We need our farmers.  Our lives are dependent on them.     Now that we are thinking about the necessity of seeds, what about the spiritual application?  The word “seed” isContinue reading “The Power of the Seed”

Safety Zone

Teresa Poucher   I grew up as an army brat.  Some of my earliest memories were in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  I was four years old, and I would go to a motorpool* with my two older brothers when it wasn’t in use.  For some reason, we called it the “Safety Zone.”  It was there we danced around, cooling off on those hot summer days.  I loved to turn on the water to those skinny hoses and watch them flying through the air.    LifeContinue reading “Safety Zone”