The Power of the Seed

Teresa Poucher

 The average person doesn’t think much of seeds.  Nonetheless, they are vital to our existence.  Bill Gates is the largest farmland owner in the United States, possessing 269,000 acres.  Think about it…  We need our farmers.  Our lives are dependent on them.


  Now that we are thinking about the necessity of seeds, what about the spiritual application?  The word “seed” is mentioned 47 times in the book of Genesis alone.  Even though many of those times, it is referring to children, not just seeds from plants.  However, looking into Strong’s Concordance, the definition is the same.*  


In Luke chapter 8, we read of the parable of the sower and the seed. The seed was sown, just thrown out there, so to speak, not planted. The first was trampled, and the birds ate them. Others fell on rocks and thorns, and finally, some fell on good ground. Most of the seeds were crushed, eaten, dried up, or choked, but the seed that fell on good ground sprang forth. There is nothing wrong with the seed; it brought forth life. Everything the seed needs is self-contained. Just add water, the right temperature, air, and light. How amazing is that?


Further down in verse 10, we see, “the seed is the word of God.” If we can’t survive without the natural seed, how can we survive without the word of God? Maybe you are surviving, but are you flourishing?


  GMO vs heirloom seeds:  Well, that all depends.  GMO seeds have been genetically modified.  They are more disease tolerant.  They are more resistant to insects and of course, they grow larger.  However, unlike an heirloom seed, I cannot take a seed from the over-ripened fruit and grow another plant with the same results.  I once threw a cantaloupe plant onto my compostpile.  Don’t you know, it took root and produced a fruit that looked like a squash-cantaloupe?  


  I don’t want my cantaloupe modified, and neither do I want the word of God modified.  I want to protect the seed and be fruitful; after all, the seed is vital for food and reproduction.

*Stong’s Concordance:  from H2233; seed; figuratively, fruit, plant, sowing-time, posterity, et al

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