Are You Alone?

Teresa Poucher

I have plenty of tasks at hand, as well as a to-do list, so get out of my way!  

  It’s hard for me to slow down; I’m just a little too task-oriented.  

Sometimes, my to-do lists keep me from doing the things I need to do:  Talk to my mom, visit a friend, or just stop and breathe.


We have heard it said, “An idle mind is the devil’s playground.” ‘Seems to me, a busy mind is a fortress. It’s locked up so tight that we have trouble seeing or hearing what’s happening around us.


Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? …” (Mark 8:18)


  Maybe you too have made yourself busy with means of distraction from what is going on in the world today.  


  Several times, we see that Jesus withdrew to be alone to pray.  


“And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone.” (Matthew 14:23)


“…So it pleased the king to send me; and I set him a time.” (Nehemiah 2:6)


  How is one going to hear with all the disturbances?


“…and when they were alone, he expounded all things to his disciples.” (Mark 4:34)


Isn’t it time we get alone?

Published by Tpouch1

My day starts with a cup of good coffee and a talk with Jesus. I started walking with Jesus when I was eighteen. That was In March 1979. I have fought many battles. No I haven’t won them all, but I have learned how to not only survive but thrive. Let me share with you...

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