Should My Vote Count?

Teresa Poucher

I don’t watch CNN or FOX. Why can’t they just give us the facts and let us form our own opinions? While I don’t have a problem with a criminal serving a sentence not being allowed to vote, I can’t say that I’m for or against ex-cons voting. Haven’t they done their time?


  If I had been held guilty for all my sins, I could have done jail time.  Have you ever run a stop sign or a light?  Surely you have broken the speed limit and probably exceeded 20 miles over the limit.  People take things (steal) from work, “Well, they owe me for all the work I do.”  Maybe you haven’t stolen anything, but have you ever gone home early and not punched the clock?  Enough, you get it.


  I have wounded and neglected to support certain individuals.  Should my vote count?


I can think of two murderers. They spent the rest of their lives dealing with the wrongs they committed. Yet, many years have passed, and their writings and lives have impacted the world. You know them: Moses and Paul.


  “…but according to his mercy he saved us…being justified by his grace…”  (Titus3:5,7)


  His mercy doesn’t give us what we deserve — to die in our sins.


  His grace gives us what we don’t deserve — eternal life.


Shouldn’t we all deserve the same?

Published by Tpouch1

My day starts with a cup of good coffee and a talk with Jesus. I started walking with Jesus when I was eighteen. That was In March 1979. I have fought many battles. No I haven’t won them all, but I have learned how to not only survive but thrive. Let me share with you...

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