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Although we have heard it defined as “save our souls” or “save our ship,” SOS is just a distinctive Morse Code sequence that is not an abbreviation for anything.

  Wireless telegraphy developed in the late 1890s.  It was extremely important for maritime communications.  In 1904, SOS became an official distress signal.  However, it was not universal until 1908.  

  The Titanic sunk in 1912.  They first sent out a CQD distress signal.  Later, they sent the universal SOS.  Possibly, if they had immediately sent an SOS, the SS California, which was the closest ship in the area, might have been able to save more lives.

  A couple of weeks ago I had a dream.  As I looked at the beautiful blue sky, I only saw 3 clouds.  They spelled out SOS.  We know SOS is universal. I feel this is a universal warning to our world:  Impending danger!  

  Strange as it may seem, the clouds were not dark.  They were bright cumulus clouds.  For the child of God, we see the second coming of Jesus is near, and we look forward to going to be with our Savior.

Jesus saith unto him, Thou hast said: nevertheless I say unto you, Hereafter shall ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven.” (Matthew 26:64)

  The year 2020 has been rough for everyone.  I would like to say things will get better.  However, I believe the end time is upon us.  We need to seek the Lord now like never before.  

  We believe in God; we go to church.  Do we have an intimate relationship with Him?  We are to be His bride.  How long does it take a bride to get ready for her wedding day?  Everything must be just right.

  Invite all your guests. Your dress must be perfect with no spot or blemish.  Your to-do list should be totally clear.  Check your RSVP’s — you don’t want to miss this.  Check on your marriage license.  Are you in compliance with the law?  Have you paid for everything?  Did you leave anything off or undone?  You don’twant to miss the rehearsal dinner.  Surely, you do not want to miss the marriage supper of the Lamb! Everything must be prepared.

“…Surely I come quickly.” (Rev. 22:20)

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My day starts with a cup of good coffee and a talk with Jesus. I started walking with Jesus when I was eighteen. That was In March 1979. I have fought many battles. No I haven’t won them all, but I have learned how to not only survive but thrive. Let me share with you...

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